Friday, June 07, 2013

Chocolate cake batter

 A couple mornings ago I accidentally made a chocolate cake. I say, "accidentally," because I really meant to make brownies. I wanted the brownies so I could fold them into a coconut chocolate chip ice cream that Collin had requested, but I grabbed the wrong box of mix and didn't notice until I stirred together the ingredients and realized something didn't look right. For Laurel this was a very happy mistake because it meant I had to pull out my handheld mixer and she'd get to lick a cake batter beater. This made my often stoic almost 2-year-old enormously happy. So happy that one photo can't do it justice.

Chocolate cake is the bomb!

The chocolate cake mistake had a happy ending too. It turns out that coconut chocolate chip ice cream tastes amazing with chocolate cake. As an ice cream it still would taste better with brownies, so it will take a few tries before I have the recipe perfected enough to share. Collin was hoping that would be the case, since it means I'll get to try making his favorite ice cream many more times. And Laurel will still get to lick the brownie batter spatula, so all will be well with the world.

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