Tuesday, September 08, 2015

Picture Perfect

A lot of people complain about how "fake" the Internet is. They say that bloggers/social media users only post pictures of the presentable parts of their lives: clean houses, happy kids, beautifully staged photos of delicious looking food, etc. I don't really mind other people's cleaned up photos, because I know how crazy my life is, so I know that behind their beautiful pictures is likely another busy, tired, frazzled photographer. But I also know that between moments of craziness in raising young children, there is beauty, and joy, and hilarity.

Anyway, in the interest of full disclosure, here's the birthday cake I made for my 6-year-old today. Public Service Announcement: Whipped cream frosting should not be decorated with M&M's. It's pretty much going to ruin an otherwise tasty cake. Buttercream works. Whipped cream doesn't.

But you know what? The kids didn't mind that much. They still got to eat a cake covered in candy. It doesn't make for beautiful pictures, but it's real life. Messy, funny, and delicious.

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