Saturday, April 09, 2016

Eating Around the World - Antarctica

This week we spent learning about Antarctica, and just in time for our weekly geographic meal, we got a spring snow shower. I'm all for making the atmosphere realistic, but I was also glad not to have a picnic outdoors as Collin suggested.

Antarctica doesn't have much of a distinctive cuisine, but we did our best. This page from Cool Antarctica had the most helpful information, as well as a recipe for these sledging biscuits. They... weren't very good. But the girls loved them (they love anything in the bread family), and I'm sure they taste a lot better after a long hard haul in sub-zero temperatures.

I briefly thought about making pemmican, but it sounded both expensive and unappetizing, so we had a small bag of beef jerky, along with cheese and butter atop our sledging biscuits. For our main course, we had penguin stew, which on other days would be known locally as chicken noodle soup. I did steer clear of fresh vegetables for the evening, which would be hard to come by on the South Pole.

And for dessert, we had glacier ice cream. This was vanilla ice cream that I layered with blue raspberry jello, and from a culinary standpoint, it wasn't a home run. I'd like to try it again with a thick blue raspberry syrup rather than gelatin, because the jello did weird texture things when frozen. I was trying to get the swirled look of an Antarctic iceberg, which do look good enough to eat.

We enjoyed our iceberg ice cream in floats with blue soda pop. The only uncaffinated blue soda I found happened to be coconut flavored, which worked strangely well with our iceberg ice cream, even if the flavor was far more tropical than polar.

Cheers! And here's to leaving the frigid temperatures for some warmer climates, both in our geography study and as spring comes to stay in Indiana.

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