Friday, June 21, 2013

Happy Jenny

Jenny is five months old, and at a very cute stage right now. She's much happier on the whole than she's been in a long time, and so much fun to play with.

Laurel and Annie love her too, but especially Laurel. Jenny and Laurel are only 17 months apart, which totally goes against the conventional wisdom of allowing several years between kids so they all get plenty of individual attention. I was kind of worried that Laurel might resent Jenny taking her place was the baby of the family, but it was exactly the opposite. Any time I leave the older girls with a babysitter and take Jenny, Laurel shouts, "Sister!!" the minute I walk back through the door. A few minutes later I get a happy but less energetic, "Hi Mama."

Jenny's first two teeth came in a few weeks ago, very early at 4.5 months. Although she's happier now that they're out, she's still acting like more are on the way soon. If you look closely, you can catch a glimpse of her teeth in the video below.

This is Jenny at nap time. Her latest attempt to get out of taking naps is to adopt a attitude of happy disbelief that I might actually expect her to take a nap. She fell asleep two minutes after I took this video.

Go To Sleep by Arthur & Friends on Grooveshark

As I write this, Jenny has been (happily, but determinedly) fighting sleep for over an hour. I just played my standby lullaby for her - Go to Sleep, from Arthur & Friends. Jenny, of course, just giggled.


  1. I once read that when siblings are closer than 2 years apart, sibling rivalry (at least at birth) is rare. The toddler hasn't been around long enough to think of himself or herself as king/queen of the castle, and they are usually pretty happy to welcome a new sibling. Or something like that. Anyway, I generally found it true.

  2. Next time you can try "Didn't leave nobody but the babe" from O Brother Where Art Thou. I sang it to brother Ben many times and it worked. =)

  3. She is SO cute!! It's adorable that Laurel greets her so enthusiastically! Anne, we've found that to hold true for our two. Jefferson is just thrilled to have a little sister and he is caring and attentive with her. He loves to share his toys and food, and when she fusses he pats her on the back and kisses her. Kristen, I sing that to the kids and have called Jefferson a Soggy Bottom Boy when it comes to diaper changes. :-P

  4. Soggy Bottom Boy - that's so cute! I sing that song to the girls too, in fact they're next to each other on my Grooveshark playlist.