Thursday, June 20, 2013

Homemade Popsci... I mean, Ice Pops

Yesterday the girls and I made some homemade popsci... I mean, ice pops. Like Kleenex, I have trouble remembering Popscicle is a brand name instead of a generic category. Our ice pops were just a couple cups of chopped strawberries and half a banana blended up with a couple spoonfuls of sugar, and frozen in ice pop molds. Delicious and so simple.

We found these ice pop molds at Walmart for a couple dollars. Similar to these ones, and like the ones from my childhood, they have sippy straws built into the base to catch the drips.

The sippy straw was Annie's favorite feature of the ice pops, but Laurel had a little trouble with it. When she got down to the melted puddle at the end she tried blowing through the straw instead of sucking. Big bubbles of thick strawberry puree kept bursting out and flying all over our picnic blanket, Laurel, Jenny, and me. It was hilariously messy.


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